Make a modern yet elegant impression by styling up your property with an attractive sectional panel lift door from WGDoors. Sectional (Panel Lift) Doors comprise a number of horizontal hinged rigid sections / panels which slide along overhead tracks parallel with the ceiling space creating a lightweight stylish garage door but also gives the benefit of being able to install it on nearly every type of garage opening shape.

The sectional door remains inside the garage as it operates unlike one-piece tilt doors, they do not protrude forward into the driveway. This means that you can park your car directly against your garage door without the worry that of it getting damaged or hit by a door opening into it.

At WGDoors, we design our doors with strength and durability. We use galvanized steel tracks and hinges which are designed to suit weights and cycles exceeding standard domestic sectional doors. The hinges are fully adjustable, so the outside finish is perfectly flat and has minimal gaps around the edge of the door. Each panel is constructed of the highest quality materials not only to look professional and attractive but to provide protection from intruders and all types of weather.

Each of our different suppliers, Steel-Line, B&D, Danmar, 4D Doors - European Range and many more offer various styles and Colorbond, Woodgrain, Smooth and Textured colour options to suit your sectional panel lift door.

We cover all types if applications from shed to houses to replacements and with over 10 years of installation expertise we can guarantee a perfect install every time.