All of our sectional garage doors are available in a wide range of styles and profiles to choose from, Slimline, Flatline, Glacier, Ranch and Heritage, all of which are well suited to match the architectural style of your home, giving you the freedom to choose a garage door to match your unique preference.

Slimline (SF* or TF)

A sleek and contemporary design that adds to the appeal of any modern home

Flatline (TF)

A minimalist, contemporary design that adds huge street appeal to any home.

Glacier (SF or TF)

A modern slatted design which can be supplied with both a standard wood grain and a smooth finish.

Ranch* (TF)

A rectangular design that complements the look of any new or renovated home. This door looks great with a customised window panel.

Heritage* (TF)

A traditional design that is popular among colonial and country style homes. Window panels can be added to this door to add to its appeal.

TF: Textured finish. SF: Smooth finish. *Smooth finish Slimline and Flatline are only available for the Savannah range.

Garage Door Windows

Add a little extra to your garage door by including touch of natural light to by adding a customised Steel-Line window design to your sectional overhead door. Speak to one of our experts today to discuss the full range of window options available to suit your garage door.

NOTE: Windows can only be fitted to Ranch or Heritage designs in standard Colorbond® colours. Garage door windows are not suitable for cyclonic areas.

Biowood® Door Profiles

Shiplap 150mm x 18mm
Tongue & Groove 88mm x 12mm